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How it works?


Client requests for a service either through website or application & Admin allocates the job to Fundi nearest to client.


Fundi visits site and performs assessment and billing which he reports to admin plus the time of completion.


Admin communicates final billing and time of completion to client which he/she approves and makes 10% payment to the admin.


Client confirms and posts job completion on mobile app and then makes the remaining 90% payment for the job to admin using mobile money.

Why Us?

Mobile Fundi App
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    Quick Response

    Our services are always timely

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    Job insurance with guarantee

    We refund your money incase we do not provide what you expected

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    Background verified fundis

    Before recruiting technical personnels, we first confirm that they provide quality work

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    Convenience in booking

    You can easily request for these fundis by either using the Mobile fundi app or the website or by calling the Echolink office

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    Cashless Payments

    Our clients can use cashless means like mobile money while paying for our services

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Our Expert Team


"Thank you MOBILE FUNDI team for giving me such an fantastic opportunity of working with you. I have gained a lot of skills ever since I jonined you as a fundi, it is only God who can pay you for what you provide to Ugandans."

Kamwesiga Ramadhan

"MOBILE FUNDI platform has changed my life as customers for my shop which sells plumbing and electrical devices increased since my products are also advertised in the mobile fundi shop on the mobile fundi app. Thanks alot MOBILE FUNDI team."

Kalunga Ismail

"It's my pleasure that I joined MOBILE FUNDI as an electrical technician. Ever since I joined, I have realised a lot of benefits some which include getting more skills through training, more clients to provide my services to."

Ntensibe Abdul Nasir

For bridging between Technicians and clients and provision of reliable services with guarantee

Main Office

Echolink House, 20a Dr. Sembeguya Rd, Kampala Uganda

Call us on:

(+256) 776800165 (+256) 753660000


info@mobilefundi.net admin@mobilefundi.net


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